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Unlock the magic of music with my grand and upright piano lessons. Whether you're a beginner eager to embark on your musical journey or an experienced pianist seeking to refine your skills, our personalized approach ensures that each lesson is tailored to your unique goals and learning style.

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Benefits of my Classical Piano Lessons

Structured Curriculum

Supportive Learning Environment

Tailored Guidance

At JBM Music Lessons, I understand the transformative power of music education. I am committed to creating a supportive and inspiring environment where students of all ages and skill levels can thrive. Focusing on technique, theory, repertoire, and musical expression, my comprehensive curriculum will empower you to unleash your full potential as a pianist.

Why Choose JBM Music Lessons Lessons for Grand and Upright Piano Lessons?

Your choice of instrument plays a crucial role in shaping your musical journey. That’s why I offer specialized instruction on grand and upright pianos, providing you with a comprehensive learning experience encompassing the full spectrum of piano performance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, these piano lessons are designed to enhance your skills and deepen your understanding of both types of pianos, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your musical education.

Unlock the Potential of Grand and Upright Pianos

Learning on grand and upright pianos offers a set of benefits that enhance your musical development. With their rich, resonant sound and responsive touch, these instruments provide an immersive playing experience that inspires creativity and expression. Whether you’re drawn to the classic quality of a grand piano or the versatility of an upright model, my lessons will help you unlock the full potential. Additionally, I offer specialized piano lessons for kids, which are designed to engage young learners and foster a lifelong love of music through fun and interactive methods tailored to their age and skill level.

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Grand and upright piano lessons

Tailored Curriculum and Personalized Lesson Plans

I understand every student is unique. My curriculum is carefully crafted to meet each student’s individual needs and goals. Whether you’re interested in classical repertoire, jazz improvisation, or contemporary styles, I’ll work with you to design a customized lesson plan that aligns with your musical interests and aspirations.

Expert Guidance from an Experienced Instructor

At JBM Music Lessons, you have the opportunity to work with an experienced piano teacher. I’m Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz, a musician and pianist with over 20 years of experience as a performer and over 15 years as an instructor. I customize my grand and upright piano lessons to suit each student’s needs, including piano lessons for adults, which are tailored to accommodate the unique challenges and goals of older students. I make myself available after and between lessons to support each student and give them confidence through music. Whether you’re starting late or returning to the piano after a break, I’m here to guide and inspire you on your musical journey.

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Upright piano lessons

Start Your Musical Adventure Today

Ready to embark on a musical adventure with JBM Music Lessons? Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps at the piano or an advanced pianist looking to refine your skills, I’m here to help you reach your full potential. Contact me today to schedule your first grand or upright piano lesson and discover the joy of beginner piano lessons tailored to your individual needs and goals. Start your musical journey and develop your abilities on the keyboard with expert guidance.

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Why Choose JBM Music Lessons?

At JBM Music lessons, I provide clear, customized lesson plans for each student, outlining their goals and objectives. I work with students to set realistic goals and provide regular evaluations to track progress. 

Students can showcase their progress through private “in-home concerts” for family and friends, with me as their “backup band.”

I offer family discounts and opportunity for students to learn more than one instrument simultaneously.

I realize every student is different and has their own unique learning style. That’s why I prioritize the student understanding the important points of our lessons even if it runs five to ten minutes overtime. I always schedule extra time in between my student’s time slots for review and am generous with my time. 

My curriculum stands out because it consists of 10 levels workbooks per instrument that I teach. The workbooks ensure students learn the fundamentals of their instrument while also learning the songs they love. Higher levels of the workbooks will take the student through more advanced concepts and song writing. This workbook curriculum is a benefit that is available to all of my students!

I am always available for my students, providing extra support and clarification as needed, including after and between lessons.

Every student is different, so I create customized arrangements of requested songs tailored to each student. This allows the student to learn the songs that they love! The process includes adapting them to each student’s unique skill level.

Everything in my music program is customized to each student’s specific level, interests, and needs, ensuring a rewarding learning experience for all.

By choosing me as your music teacher, you’re investing in a comprehensive music education beyond notes and rhythms; I empower you to reach your full potential.

Grand and Upright Piano Lessons FAQs

At JBM Music Lessons, my grand and upright piano lessons are 30 to 90 minutes long. The length of each lesson is tailored to suit the student’s age, individual needs, and musical objectives. Contact me today to discuss the ideal lesson duration for your child!

I recommend one to three weekly lessons for students enrolled in our grand and upright piano program. For those eager to progress at an accelerated pace, multiple weekly lessons offer an optimal learning experience, providing ample opportunity for skill development and musical exploration.

To fully benefit from our grand and upright piano lessons, students must have access to their own instruments. Whether it’s a piano, electric keyboard, or hybrid model, having a practice instrument at home ensures consistent progress and reinforces lesson concepts.

I advise students to dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes per practice session, at least three times per week. While more practice time is always encouraged, this minimum commitment lays a strong foundation for skill development and reinforces lesson materials. With regular practice, students can confidently progress toward their musical goals.


In addition to beginner piano lessons, I offer instruction in guitar, ukulele, and bass for learners of all ages and skill levels.

electric guitar

Guitar Lessons

Are you a beginner or a seasoned guitar player? At JBM Music Lessons, I cater to all skill levels. From mastering basic chords to tackling intricate compositions, I am here to guide you. Whether you prefer acoustic or electric guitar, I've got you covered!


Ukulele lessons

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of ukulele playing with JBM Music Lessons. The ukulele's soft and melodic tones make it a joyous instrument for students of any age. Begin your ukulele journey today by contacting me and discovering the pleasure of strumming along to your favorite tunes!

bass guitar

Bass lessons

At JBM Music Lessons, I offer electric and upright bass lessons. The bass guitar is the vital link between rhythm and melody. Whether you're embarking on your bass journey for the first time, preparing for auditions, or seeking fresh insights as an advanced player, I am here to support you. Reach out to us today, and let's work together to achieve your musical aspirations!

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