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Private Piano Lessons For Kids In Beverly Hills, CA

As your dedicated private piano teacher, I’m excited to help young learners discover the joy and creativity of playing the piano. Whether your child is exploring a new hobby or aiming to master musical expression, my piano lessons are designed to inspire and nurture their talents. I help them focus on learning their favorite songs, understanding music theory, and perfecting techniques, all while building confidence and skill. Join me today and watch your child’s love for music flourish. Enroll in the piano lessons now and let the melodies begin!

Personalized Piano Lessons At Home In Beverly Hills And Online Across North America

Piano Home Lessons

Experience the convenience and comfort of in-home piano lessons in Beverly Hills. I will come to your home, bringing expert guidance right to your living room. Perfect for families and individuals seeking a personalized learning environment, my in-home lessons are designed to fit your busy schedule while providing a safe and familiar space for musical growth.

Online Piano Lessons

For people who don’t want the location to limit their musical ambitions! I can connect with you via video conferencing tools, offering a flexible and effective learning experience. Ideal for students who are remote, traveling, or prefer the digital format. My online classes ensure you receive the highest quality education with the freedom to learn from anywhere at any time.


electric guitar

Guitar Lessons In Beverly Hills

Whether you are starting from scratch or already know your way around a guitar, I’m here to help you grow. From easy chords to more challenging pieces, I offer lessons for both acoustic and electric guitars. Let’s make music together!


Ukulele lessons In BEVERLY HILLS

Discover the joy of playing the ukulele with me! With its delightful sound, the ukulele is perfect for learners of all ages. Ready to start your ukulele adventure? Call JBM Music Lessons today and strum your first song!

bass guitar

Bass lessons In BEVERLY HILLS

If you are a beginner, prepping for a college audition, or an advanced player seeking fresh insights, the bass connects rhythm and melody beautifully—and it’s my passion to teach it. Reach out now to start mastering the bass!

Piano Classes for All Ages and Skill Levels

Piano Lessons For Beginners

Whether you are a child just starting out or an adult picking up piano for the first time, my beginner piano lessons make learning fun and easy. I focus on basic skills like reading music and playing simple songs to get you comfortable and excited about playing piano.

Intermediate Piano Lessons

As you grow, my intermediate piano classes for kids and adults deepen your understanding of music. You will learn more about music theory and get better at playing different styles. It's perfect for kids who have mastered the basics and adults looking to explore more.

Advanced Piano Lessons

My advanced piano courses in performance and composition are ideal for those ready to take their skills to the top. These piano classes are great for both adults and kids who are serious about music and want to perform or even write their own pieces.

I believe that every student is unique, and so should the learning path. I am committed to fostering musical growth through personalized instruction that aligns with each student’s personal goals and pace. My approach involves understanding each learner’s interests and challenges and crafting piano training plans that not only teach the fundamentals but also ignite a lifelong passion for music. I focus on nurturing a well-rounded musical education that encourages students to explore their potential and celebrate their progress every step of the way.

Piano Lessons Testimonials

Why Choose Piano Lessons from JBM Music Lessons?

At JBM Music Lessons in Beverly Hills, My goal is to help each student succeed. How do I do that? Let’s find out!

Customizable & Affordable Piano Lessons

I am committed to helping each student thrive with personalized piano classes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, my affordable piano lessons adapt to your needs. I can focus on everything from piano basics to complex techniques across various styles, including jazz piano lessons and classical training. If you prefer structured learning, I offer both standard curriculum and private piano lessons tailored to your goals.

Versatile Piano Classes For You In Beverly Hills

Students have different tastes, and here at JBM, you can learn to play your favorite tunes from any genre, be it jazz, blues, classical, or modern pop and rock. Whether you are learning on a grand piano or a piano keyboard, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

High Level of Expertise

I Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz, the founder of JBM Music Lessons bring over 20 years of professional music experience right to your doorstep. As a piano teacher who has performed in various bands and mastered styles from R&B to rock, I ensure each piano music lesson is not just educational but also exciting. You can trust that you are getting the best piano training to reach your musical aspirations.

Piano Lessons FAQs

All lessons are either 30, 60 or 90 minutes long. Lesson length is dependent on the student’s age, needs, & goals. Contact us today to find the best option for your child!

JBM Music Lessons recommends one to three lessons per week. More than one weekly lesson is recommended to students who would like to progress at a faster rate.

Yes, a piano or keyboard would do.

My recommendation is that the student should practice for a minimum of 10 mins per session, 3 times per week. More practice between lessons is encouraged.

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Although I offer online piano lessons Los Angeles county area, I try to keep my in person lessons to the following areas of LA:


If you are located outside of these areas, and are still interested in my services for piano, bass, guitar or ukulele lessons, I would be happy to talk you