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Music increases cognitive and emotional confidence. It allows each student to take on new challenges with greater success. Whether you or your child are taking JBM music lessons, you will notice a difference immediately.​


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Music Classes for kids and adults in Los Angeles

Benefits for students taking lessons with JBM Music Lessons:

The greatest benefit of all is that learning music can transform your child’s life. The benefits of learning music are astounding: improved concentration, higher self-esteem, more confidence, enhanced creativity, better communication skills, a higher level of cognitive thinking, and lots more!

Children who embark on this journey, whether through Guitar Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Bass Lessons, or Piano Lessons in Los Angeles, will receive certain advantages & opportunities that can positively shape their life, such as the opportunity to perform their own in-home concert. From the first music lesson, you will notice a difference. My process is designed to guide your children through the realms of music, nurturing them into young musicians proficient in the instrument of their choice.

If you are looking for a music teacher in Los Angeles for you or your child, Jesse can help you develop a love, understanding and knowledge of the instrument of your choice. He offers beginner and advanced private lessons in pianoguitarbass, and ukulele. Music Lessons can take place weekly in your home or online, depending on the program you choose.


Music Lessons offered in Los Angeles

electric guitar

Guitar Lessons in la

Whether you're a beginner or a guitar veteran, JBM Music Lessons is here to help. Specialties range from basic chords and technical ability to more complicated and demanding pieces. Acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available!


Ukulele lessons in la

There's nothing like strumming along on the ukulele. It’s an incredibly pleasant sounding instrument that is accessible to students of any age. Start your Ukulele journey today by giving JBM Music Lessons a call!

bass guitar

Bass lessons in la

The bass is the bridge between rhythm and melody, and it’s my first love. Whether you’re picking up an electric or upright bass for the first time, getting ready to audition for University or College, or an advanced player looking for a new perspective, call me, and we can start achieving your goals today!

Piano Lessons Toronto

Piano lessons in la

Our piano lessons focus on learning songs, music theory, and technique. Using personalized workbooks, these classes are thorough and easy to follow along with and will be customized depending on your needs.

Here's what some of my happy students and families have to say about JBM Music Classes!

"My son has been taking guitar lessons with Jesse for almost a year now, and I can say confidently that he is a great teacher and musician. He is always very supportive, encouraging, and knows how to challenge when necessary. All in all, he creates a fun and positive learning experience. I am also amazed at how he can learn songs that he requests so quickly by ear."
Azi Moaveni
Happy Parent
"It was great to find a teacher like Jesse who makes the guitar lesson really enjoyable. We spend our lessons focused on great music, and I have learned a lot in working with Jesse. As a kid who is really busy with sports and school in high school, I know that I will commit to the lessons and the practicing because I look forward to the lessons."
Adrian R.

"Jesse is a very patient and talented music teacher. He teaches my son piano, but my son has learned more than just how to play the piano in his lessons. He has learned how to have better focus, concentration, discipline, and overall live a happier life. Thank you, Jesse, for all that you have done!"
Maria Chamorro
Happy Parent

"Knowledgeable, patient, and capable of delivering a wide variety of lessons tailored to what outcome is desired. From a novice to someone wishing to hone their existing musical skills and techniques, Jesse can help you get there."
A. Singh
Happy Parent

"Highly recommend Jesse! He's been teaching my daughter for two years in both Ukulele & Piano, and she loves it!"
Jennifer S.
Happy Parent

"Willing to customize his approach to meet the unique needs of his students."
Carolyn S.
Happy Parent

Are you looking to succeed with private in home or online music lessons in Los Angeles? Call Jesse, the music teacher at JBM Music Lessons to enroll today!


Why Choose JBM Music Lessons?

At JBM Music lessons, I provide clear, customized lesson plans for each student, outlining their goals and objectives. I work with students to set realistic goals and provide regular evaluations to track progress. 

Students can showcase their progress through private “in-home concerts” for family and friends, with me as their “backup band.”

I offer family discounts and opportunity for students to learn more than one instrument simultaneously.

I realize every student is different and has their own unique learning style. That’s why I prioritize the student understanding the important points of our lessons even if it runs five to ten minutes overtime. I always schedule extra time in between my student’s time slots for review and am generous with my time. 

My curriculum stands out because it consists of 10 levels workbooks per instrument that I teach. The workbooks ensure students learn the fundamentals of their instrument while also learning the songs they love. Higher levels of the workbooks will take the student through more advanced concepts and song writing. This workbook curriculum is a benefit that is available to all of my students!

I am always available for my students, providing extra support and clarification as needed, including after and between lessons.

Every student is different, so I create customized arrangements of requested songs tailored to each student. This allows the student to learn the songs that they love! The process includes adapting them to each student’s unique skill level.

Everything in my music program is customized to each student’s specific level, interests, and needs, ensuring a rewarding learning experience for all.

By choosing me as your music teacher, you’re investing in a comprehensive music education beyond notes and rhythms; I empower you to reach your full potential.


Why Choose JBM Music Lessons?

Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz is a versatile bassist and professional musician based in Los Angeles. He is passionate about teaching and performing and holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Humber College’s renowned Jazz & Contemporary Music program in Toronto, Canada. Jesse has over 17 years of teaching experience, and his expertise extends across various instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele. He has taught students of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors.

Inspire your creativity & reveal your talent through music lessons in Los Angeles!


1) I Do Not Over Book Myself:

My number one goal is taking care of my clients and serving them with excellence. I teach a limited amount of students so I have the energy to consistently deliver 110%. By doing this, I’m insuring my students get the best lessons possible.

2) Lesson Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice to avoid paying for a same day cancellation.

3) Under 18 Policy:

If the student is under 18 years old, it is my policy, that an adult be present at the location for the entire lesson duration. The adult present could be a parent, nanny, family friend, etc.

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JBM Music Lessons FAQs

I specialize in in-home (I come to your home), which take place in central and West Los Angeles. I also do online lessons, which I can offer to anyone located anywhere in North America. Either way, the lessons would take place in the comfort of your home!

Yes, I do. Rates are dependent on the situation. Please contact me for further details.

Yes! Having your own instrument is essential to practice material at home between lessons.

Like with any skill, learning music requires patience and interest. Keeping a consistent schedule is essential to success, and even professionals are continually honing their craft. In short, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

In terms of electric vs. acoustic guitars, I suggest going electric unless your child is drawn to the acoustic. Either will do, but electrics are easier to play.  If your child is still small, a child-sized guitar might be necessary.

Yes, I have 3 policies.

  1. I Do Not Over Book Myself: My number one goal is taking care of my existing clients. I teach a limited amount of students, so I have the energy to consistently deliver 110%. By doing this, I’m ensuring my students get the best lessons possible.
  2. Lesson Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice to avoid paying for a same day cancellation. 
  3. Under 18 Policy: If the student is under 18 years old, it is my policy, that an adult be present at the location for the entire lesson duration. The adult present could be a parent, nanny, family friend, etc.

3 and up! I have a toddler program in place for 3-4 year olds. By 5 years old, a child can start learning piano. By 7 years old, a child can start learning guitar or bass. I truly have experience and a different approach to teaching all ages of students. Currently, my youngest student is 3 years old, and my oldest is 75 years old. At JBM Music Lessons in Los Angeles, my patient approach to instruction is suitable for everyone. Contact me with questions for more information about our lessons!

I teach my students the music that they love no matter what the genre is.  Wether the student’s favorite music is rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, or classical I am equipt to teach them!

Areas I Serve in LA
Although I offer online music lessons in the Los Angeles county area, I try to keep my in person private music lessons to the following areas of LA: HANCOCK PARK | WEST HOLLYWOOD | LOS FELIZ |  BEVERLY HILLS | MUSIC LESSONS HOLLYWOOD HILLS | STUDIO CITY | TOLUCA LAKE  FREMONT PLACE | WINDSOR SQUARE |  PARK LA BREA |  MIRACLE MILE  LARCHMONT VILLAGE |  MID-WILSHIRE  If you are located outside of these areas, and are still interested in my services for piano, bass, guitar or ukulele lessons, I would be happy to talk you.