Students have had a blast learning how to play a new instrument and have achieved all of their goals. They have learned a handful of songs that they love!… Now it’s time to celebrate, show off their new skills, and FEEL like a rock star!

The in-home concert is designed to celebrate the student’s efforts while providing a clear and fun destination for the student’s goals. It can be as big or small as the student and their family wants to make it and the goal is to make it as realistic as possible. The student is encouraged to be the front person of their own band. They are encouraged to talk to the audience, introduce songs, and dress the part. I will be there every step of the way to guide the student and serve as their “backup band” for musical support.

Below is a video compilation of some of the concerts we have put on with my students, as well as some great action shots!

Female Student Playing Piano in Student Concert

And Some More Great Testimonials!

"My son has been taking guitar lessons with Jesse for almost a year now and I can say confidently that he is a great teacher and musician. He is always very supportive, encouraging, and knows how to challenge when necessary. All in all he creates a fun and positive learning experience. I am also amazed at how he can learn songs that my son requests so quickly by ear."
Azi Moaveni
Happy Parent
"It was great to find a teacher like Jesse who makes the guitar lesson really enjoyable. We spend our lessons focused on great music and I have learned a lot in working with Jesse. As a kid who is really busy with sports and school in high school, I know that I will commit to the lessons and the practicing because I look forward to the lessons."
Adrian R.
"Highly recommend Jesse! He's been teaching my Daughter for two years in both Ukulele & Piano and she loves it!."
Jennifer S.
Happy Parent
"Knowledgeable, patient and capable of delivering a wide-variety of lessons tailored to what outcome is desired. From a novice to someone wishing to hone their existing musical skills and techniques, Jesse can help you get there."
A. Singh
Happy Parent
"Jesse is a very patient and talented music teacher. He teaches my son piano but my son has learned more than just how to play the piano in his lessons. He has learned how to have better focus, concentration, discipline, and over all live a happier life. Thank you Jesse for all that you have done!"
Maria Chamorro
Happy Parent
"Willing to customize his approach to meet the unique needs of his students."
Carolyn S.

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