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Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz

Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz is a versatile bassist and professional musician based in Los Angeles. He is passionate about teaching and performing and holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Humber College’s renowned Jazz & Contemporary Music program in Toronto, Canada. Jesse has over 17 years of teaching experience, and his expertise extends across various instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele. He has taught students of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors. 

Beyond his extensive teaching background, Jesse boasts an impressive 22-year career as a professional performer. He has lent his talents to numerous bands and ensembles, covering various styles, including jazz, blues, R&B/soul, roots, pop, and rock. His dedication and commitment to excellence shine through in every performance. 

What sets Jesse apart from other instructors? His unwavering passion for music education creates a positive and nurturing learning environment to empower students to pursue their musical aspirations and lead fulfilling lives. Children, adults and preschoolers can benefit from a curriculum Jesse has adapted for their unique learning needs. His personalized approach to teaching ensures each student receives tailored instruction based on age and skill level. He always gives them 110% of his energy and attention. 

Don’t take Jesse’s word for it; take it from his satisfied students and families through video and written testimonials. He offers an exclusive music education program that delivers proven results. By focusing on teaching life skills through music, he empowers students to become well-rounded individuals. 

Jesse’s commitment to quality education is reflected in his limited enrollment policy. By only taking on a select number of students, he ensures that each one receives the attention and support they deserve, allowing him to deliver high-quality lessons consistently.

Why Choose JBM Music Lessons?

At JBM Music lessons, I provide clear, customized lesson plans for each student, outlining their goals and objectives. I work with students to set realistic goals and provide regular evaluations to track progress. 

Students can showcase their progress through private “in-home concerts” for family and friends, with me as their “backup band.”

I offer family discounts and opportunity for students to learn more than one instrument simultaneously.

I realize every student is different and has their own unique learning style. That’s why I prioritize the student understanding the important points of our lessons even if it runs five to ten minutes overtime. I always schedule extra time in between my student’s time slots for review and am generous with my time. 

My curriculum stands out because it consists of 10 levels workbooks per instrument that I teach. The workbooks ensure students learn the fundamentals of their instrument while also learning the songs they love. Higher levels of the workbooks will take the student through more advanced concepts and song writing. This workbook curriculum is a benefit that is available to all of my students!

I am always available for my students, providing extra support and clarification as needed, including after and between lessons.

Every student is different, so I create customized arrangements of requested songs tailored to each student. This allows the student to learn the songs that they love! The process includes adapting them to each student’s unique skill level.

Everything in my music program is customized to each student’s specific level, interests, and needs, ensuring a rewarding learning experience for all.

By choosing me as your music teacher, you’re investing in a comprehensive music education beyond notes and rhythms; I empower you to reach your full potential.


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