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Los Angeles Ukulele Lessons Specifically Designed for Kids!

The ukulele is a small yet fun instrument for kids (or anyone) to learn. Taking lessons with JBM Music Lessons is the quickest way to start strumming like your favorite singer. It’s an accessible instrument for musicians of all ages and abilities to pick up. My in-home and online lessons make learning this little instrument simple to understand. From the basics to more complex chords, JBM’s customized ukulele lessons make playing music fun for everyone!

Ukulele Lessons In Los Angeles Benefits

Clear lesson plans with goals, achievement levels, and performances

Specializing in in-home kids music lessons in Los Angeles and online lessons across North America

Learn ukulele from the comfort of your own home

Ukulele lessons In Los Angeles from JBM Music Lessons are perfect for kids and beginners. I will design a curriculum that emphasizes proper technique and having fun. By understanding each student and their needs, JMB Music Lessons helps students thrive by learning to play their favorite instrument. A patient approach to teaching is helpful for children and adults alike. Taking ukulele classes will give you the results you’re looking for in no time.

Why Choose Ukulele Lessons from JBM Music Lessons?

Although it’s a simple instrument, the ukulele is so much fun to play! By building a curriculum that caters to kids, beginners, and everyone in between, JBM makes each class something to look forward to. 

Simple Lesson Plans

JBM’s ukulele lessons cover various topics. From music theory to composition, together we won’t miss a beat (literally and figuratively)! Classes include:

  • Tuning Your Instrument: Like any other instrument, a ukulele needs tuning to get the desired sound. The open strings are usually tuned to the notes G, C, E, and A.
  • Learning Chords: Playing chords on the ukulele is essential for any composition. Understanding how to push the string down on the fretboard at the same time matters the most.
  • Strumming Patterns: There are multiple ways to strum a ukulele, and I will teach you each one so that you can play many songs with ease. 
  • Playing Songs: Now comes the fun part! Putting together everything you have learned, you will learn to play full songs step-by-step.

Starting with the basics is the best way to learn the ukulele. The fundamentals make playing more complex chord progressions easier with time. Whether it’s your first instrument or you’re looking to expand your skill set, JBM Music Lessons in Los Angeles has you covered.

Different Types of Music

Almost any song you can think of can be played on the ukulele. From pop and rock to your favorite country song, the ukulele works well across multiple genres. There are no limits to the type of music you can play on this four-stringed instrument.

There are four common types of ukuleles. They are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, with soprano being the most popular. During the first lesson, we will determine which one you have to

There are four common types of ukuleles. They are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, with soprano being the most popular. During the first lesson, we will determine which one you have to understand its sound better. Some have a deeper, richer sound and other ukuleles have the bright, cheery sound the instrument is known for.. 


Your ukulele instructor, Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz, is a professional bassist and musician. I have more than 20 years of performing experience and over 15 years of teaching experience. Having worked with students of all ages and abilities, I am kind and patient, making music fun and approachable for all my students. 

Passionate about teaching and creating a positive learning environment, I will make learning the ukulele enjoyable. Understanding how various instruments work makes teaching this one that much easier. I will always encourage you or your child to reach their full potential!

Los Angeles Ukulele Lessons Specifically Designed For Kids!

Ukulele is such a fun instrument for kids (or anyone for that matter). Taking ukulele lessons is one of the fastest ways to feel like your favorite uke strumming singer. Ukulele is an accessible instrument for anyone to start on so why not pick one up today and start strumming your favorite songs with me right away?

In-home Lessons In Los Angeles Or Online Lessons Are Available. Either Way, Lessons Take Place In The Convenience Of Your Home! 

Learn how to play ukulele in Los Angeles with jesse @ JBM Music Lessons.

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Jbm music lessons Service FAQs

The answer to this question can vary, depending on the student’s age, skill level and previous musical experience. Students with experience will find it easier to pick up the ukulele and start playing. Understanding basic strumming patterns takes up to four months on average.

The soprano ukulele is the best type for beginners. The soprano’s tone is bright and soft, making the classic uke sound the instrument is known for. It’s also the most popular kind to find at most music stores.

It’s easier to learn the ukulele compared to the guitar. That’s because a ukulele only has four strings compared to a guitar’s six. Additionally, its nylon strings are gentler on the fingertips. The small size also makes it easier to reach notes without stretching. The ukulele is a great first instrument for kids and beginners.

At JBM Music Lessons, I encourage my students to develop a passion for music at a young age. Ukulele lessons can start as young as six years old. However, you’re never too old or too young to pick up an instrument for the first time. Contact me to book your or your child’s first ukulele lesson today!

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