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Los Angeles Piano Lessons Specifically Designed for Kids!

Learning to play the piano can be a lot of fun for kids! If your child is looking for a new hobby, why not encourage them to express themselves with a musical instrument? The piano classes at JBM Music Lessons in Los Angeles have a unique focus on learning songs, music theory technique while fostering creativity and giving students a sense of achievement. Building confidence through learning a new skill is an important part of our lessons. Enroll in piano lessons today!

Piano Lessons In Los Angeles Benefits

Clear lesson plans with goals, achievement levels, and performances

Specializing in in-home kids music lessons in Los Angeles and online lessons across North America

Learn piano from the comfort of your own home

Understanding how to play the piano has many advantages for children and adults alike. Practicing helps improve memory and cognitive function. Additionally, it’s a creative outlet to express yourself. Piano lessons from JBM are customizable to your or your child’s preferences to make learning easy and fun. Having a professional instructor by your side twill help you each step of the way while focusing on music theory and answering any questions you have. If you’re ready to play piano like a pro, enroll in classes with JBM Music Lessons today!

Why Choose Piano Lessons from JBM Music Lessons?

At JBM Music Lessons in Los Angeles, the goal is to help each student succeed. How do I do that? Let’s find out!

Customizable Lesson Plans

New students and experienced musicians can benefit from our piano lessons in Los angeles. All of JBM’s lessons cover the following:

  • Note Reading: Understanding how to read sheet music makes it easier to learn. We will work on understanding the left (bass notes) and right hand (treble notes).
  • Scales: Knowing how to play these short passages of notes will improve your ability to follow along with various songs. It also helps you develop fast and agile fingers.
  • Chords: Learning to play chord structures and read them on sheets of music will make understanding notes and symbols easier.
  • Piano Technique: There are certain ways to position your arms, hands, and fingers when playing the piano. JBM makes playing the piano simple and fun.
  • Practice: By practicing different songs and piano techniques, you will become a better musician. Students are encouraged to practice between classes.
  • Ear Training: Being able to play or recognize a piece by ear is a great skill to have when learning the piano. Moving from reading sheet music to playing notes by ear is an amazing accomplishment. 
  • Rhythm: The timing and rhythm are important to playing and composing any type of music.
  • Memory Training: A large part of learning to play the piano or any other instrument is memory. As you progress through your lessons, memorizing notes from sheet music becomes easier. 
  • Music Theory: The technical aspect of playing the piano is essential. Reading and understanding piano music will help you with composition.
  • Performance Skills: Preparing for performances is an important part of being a successful musician. After the final lesson, students will put on an in-home concert for family and friends.

Everyone learns differently, and at JBM Music Lessons, I understand this. If a student wants to use a standardized curriculum (i.e. MTAC Certificate of Merit), no problem! I also can create personalized workbooks for piano lessons Los Angeles so that you can use that, a curriculum-based lesson plan,  or a combination of both!

Versatile Classes

All students have their preferences when it comes to their piano lessons. That’s why multiple genres are taught to give each student a versatile skill set. Because any song can be played on the piano, genres covered during my classes range from jazz and blues to contemporary pop and rock music.

At JBM, I work with students with multiple types of pianos. From grand to upright to electric and hybrid pianos, there’s no challenge that our piano students cannot conquer. I will modify your lessons to suit the piano that you practice with, as there are techniques specific to each one.

High Level of Expertise

JBM Music Lessons is run and owned by Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz. As a musician and bassist based in Los Angeles, I have more than 20 years of performing experience and over 15 years of teaching experience. When you learn to play piano with me, you develop a passion for the craft and see results within a few lessons. 

Playing in multiple bands and ensembles with styles ranging from jazz, blues, R&B/soul, roots, pop, and rock, I am a seasoned pianist. During your classes with JBM, students are encouraged to set and achieve personal musical goals. Helping kids of all skill levels learn to play piano while having fun is our mission.

Los Angeles Piano Lessons Specifically Designed For Kids!

My Piano curriculum has a unique focus on learning songs, music theory, and technique all while working towards achieving the student’s goals. I use my own workbooks with my Piano students but if the student wants to use a standardized curriculum (such as MTAC certificate of merit), no problem!  We can use the mtac curriculum or a mix of both – whatever the student prefers.

In-home Lessons In Los Angeles Or Online Lessons Are Available. Either Way, Lessons Take Place In The Convenience Of Your Home!

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Jbm music lessons Service FAQs

Piano lessons last between 30 minutes and an hour. However, longer lessons are available depending on the student’s needs and goals. Contact us today to find the best option for your child!

JBM Music Lessons recommends one to two piano lessons per week. More frequent lessons make it easier to learn quicker. Practicing between lessons is also essential to success.

Yes! Since lessons take place in your home or online, you will need your own piano for lessons and practice.

Practicing piano for 45 minutes to an hour daily will help your child develop their skills between lessons. After all, practice makes perfect!

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