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Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles Specifically Tailored for each individual!

Whether the student is a beginner guitar player or a seasoned pro, JBM Music Lessons is here to help. Beginners can start with basic chords and develop their technical ability. Advanced guitar players can work on learning more complicated and demanding pieces. My one-on-one in-home guitar lessons are available in Los Angeles and online throughout North America. If you or your child is ready to develop a new passion and become a rock star, look no further than JBM Music Lessons.

Guitar Lessons Benefits

Clear lesson plans with goals, achievement levels, and performances

Specializing in in-home kids music lessons in Los Angeles and online lessons across North America

Learn guitar from the comfort of your own home

Focusing on technique and composition, JBM Music Lessons works with students passionate about various styles of music. From pop to rock and folk, we left no stone unturned. Acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available to meet each student’s needs. One-on-one teaching Focusing on technique and composition, JBM Music Lessons works with students passionate about various styles of music. From pop to rock and folk, we left no stone unturned. Acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available to meet each student’s needs. One-on-one teaching allows students to overcome challenges while becoming successful guitarists. With a knowledgeable teacher by your side, you will be able to reach your full potential with the resources provided.

Why Choose Guitar Lessons at JBM Music Lessons?

JBM Music Lessons offers guitar lessons Los Angeles In Your home or online throughout North America. What makes my guitar lessons so special? Well, I design our classes with children in mind. Taking a kind and patient approach to teaching guitar, I tailor my lesson plans to each student and their needs. New and advanced guitar players can benefit from learning from an experienced musician.

All Skill Levels

One of the greatest aspects of JBM’s music lessons is their versatility. Beginners will start seeing results after a few classes. However, like with any skill, practice makes perfect. With new students, we like to cover the following:

  • Reading Music: Learning how to read sheet music is essential to learning guitar or any other instrument. We will review this skill to help students eventually create their own compositions.
  • Positioning Chords and Scales: Starting with the basics is the best way to go. Positioning the fingers to play chords and scales is important. 
  • Duet Playing: Sometimes, playing guitar with a companion can be useful. Learning to work with others is essential to any successful performance.
  • Tuning the Guitar: A properly tuned guitar is a musician’s best friend. We will review manual tuning and how to use harmonics. 
  • Playing Various Musical Genres: Understanding how to play different musical styles is a great way to start guitar lessons. Students can specialize after finding what they like. ​​

Everyone starts somewhere different, and we get that. Additionally, I offer more advanced classes for experienced guitar players. Skills taught during our advanced and intermediate Los Angeles guitar lessons include:

  • Chord Extension: Using this technique, our students can learn to extend a chord beyond the notes of a scale.
  • Guitar Improvisation: In short, this means making up a tune or melody on the spot. Learning this skill can help musicians reach their full potential on stage. 
  • Alternate Tuning: Playing certain riffs or power chords is simpler when you tune your guitar in a different way. It can sound fuller or more open, depending on the tuning.
  • Sweep Picking: After mastering the basics, try this alternate way of strumming. It allows the guitarist to play single notes on consecutive strings by moving the pick in a sweeping motion. 
  • Shredding: This is code for playing the guitar quickly using complex techniques. Virtuosos often use this style for advanced performances. 

Learning to play songs on the guitar is a process. That’s why JBM has personalized workbooks to help children develop their guitar skills step-by-step. My patient approach to teaching encourages asking questions and finding a personal style. 

Various Styles

JBM Music Lessons in Los Angeles does not limit itself to teaching one type of guitar. I offer electric and acoustic guitar lessons. The electric guitar is easier to start with, but I don’t limit anyone’s creativity, so you or your child can choose the medium you prefer.

I also teach kids and adults how to play their genres of music. On the guitar, you can learn to play pop, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, soul, roots, and many other types of music. Whichever style of music is being taught, the students will feel comfortable holding their guitars and become little musicians in no time!


JBM’s guitar teacher, Jesse Boxer-Myerowitz, is an experienced musician with over 20 years as a performer and over 15 years of teaching experience. With a strong understanding of teaching, various instruments, and music theory, I design custom lesson plans to suit each student. 

Guitar lessons are always enriching and fun for students of all ages and abilities. With years of experience as a bass guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, I have a grasp on all aspects of guitar from composition to music theory, you’re covered.

Are you ready to play guitar like a rock star? Enroll in our guitar lessons today!

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles ARE Specifically Designed For Kids!

Whether the student is a beginner guitar student who wants learn basic chords and technical ability or an advanced guitar student who wants to learn more complicated or demanding pieces, I would be thrilled to have you study guitar with me in los angeles.

Your kids will feel like rock stars because my guitar lessons are both fun and enriching.  All ages are also welcome.


in-home lessons in Los Angeles or online lessons are available. Either way, lessons take place in the CONVENIENCE of your home! 

Learn how to play guitar in Los Angeles with jesse @ JBM music lessons.

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Jbm music lessons Service FAQs

Lesson rates start at $370 monthly. Rates can vary. Please contact us directly to find out the cost for one-on-one guitar lessons from JBM.

The length of your guitar lessons will vary depending on the material being taught and your personal skill level. We encourage our students to set personal goals, and we take the time to achieve them. Private lessons last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Yes! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned guitar player, proper lessons can help you hone your craft. Learning one-on-one with a professional instructor will help you develop good habits and receive valuable feedback.

At JBM, two-on-one guitar lessons are available for students who want to learn together. Please inquire about rates and lesson duration. Teaching more than one student can make for longer lesson times. We recommend both students are at a similar skill level to let the instructor divide his attention evenly between the two.

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